Lauren Goudy

Buyers Agent

Sydney's Astute Buyers' Agent with a Designer's Eye.

Lauren brings a unique perspective to the Sydney property market, honed from over 17 years of experience in real estate. Her career began as a selling agent where she successfully navigated the intricacies of the market while nurturing a passion for the human connection to the perfect home.    

This passion translated into the completion of multiple personal property projects, granting Lauren extensive knowledge in architectural design, interior design, construction and approvals.

As a real estate professional and mother of two Lauren appreciates the unique needs of modern families and their lifestyles.

Lauren's expertise goes beyond traditional buyers' agents. She leverages her in-depth knowledge to identify properties with hidden value and unlock their full potential. This holistic approach empowers her clients to make strategic property decisions and secure homes that perfectly suit their needs and aspirations.

Lauren is a trusted advisor and highly skilled negotiator, dedicated to securing her clients their ideal property in the dynamic Sydney property market.