Vendor Advocacy: We Can Help You Sell Your Property

September 2024

Vendor Advocacy:  We Can Help You Sell Your Property

Sydney Slice provides Vendor Advocacy Services to enhance the vendor’s overall selling experience. We provide expert support and counsel to protect the vendor’s interests and maximise the ultimate sale price.

This service is provided at no cost to the vendor as we are paid a conjunction fee from the sales agent.  

The key benefits of our Vendor Advocacy Service include:

1. Expertise & Guidance: We have a thorough understanding of the sale process and market conditions. We provide invaluable advice to vendors to help them make informed decisions including, providing an independent pricing analysis, advice on method of sale, timing of campaign, changes to market conditions, assisting with responding to selling agent and buyer enquiries and negotiation strategy.

2. Objective Representation: We act solely in the vendor’s best interest. We provide support, impartial advice and representation throughout the transaction to ensure the vendor’s interests are protected.

3. Negotiation Skills & Best Sale Price: We are experienced negotiators. We provide strategic advice and solutions during negotiations to maximise the sale price and obtain the best commercial terms for vendors. We leverage our marketing insights, negotiation skills and market knowledge to achieve the best possible price for vendors.

4. Project Management & Saving Time and Stress: We oversee all aspects of the sale process, including agent selection, home preparation, styling, coordinating marketing materials and managing negotiations. We save vendors time, effort and stress by streamlining the selling process and assisting with the coordination of tasks and communications between the vendor, selling agent, building and pest inspector, lawyer, stylist, trades and other parties involved. This ensures a smooth and efficient sales campaign and the delivery of results in a tight timeframe.

5. Access to Networks: We have extensive industry contacts and resources which we leverage to provide better quality advice and level of service. Our network includes selling agents, lawyers, building and pest inspectors, architects, engineers, town planners, builders, certifiers, arborists, stylists, mortgage brokers and other service providers.

Vendor advocacy provides sellers with expert support, objective representation and a streamlined process, ultimately leading to a more successful selling experience.


Isabelle Riches
Buyers Agent