Personalised Property Services

Why use SydneySlice?

SydneySlice acts exclusively for the buyer - SydneySlice does not sell property, we provide independent buying advice and act solely in your best interest to ensure you secure the right property at the best possible price.

SydneySlice provides a personal and professional service - you only deal with the principal of the business.

SydneySlice will save you time - we pre-inspect all properties to ensure that you only look at properties that meet your criteria.
SydneySlice will save you money - we will provide you with a market valuation and use our professional negotiation skills to negotiate aggressively on your behalf.

SydneySlice will provide you with stress free buying

SydneySlice will provide you with access to every property listed by every real estate agent in Sydney  - unlike selling real estate agents we are not limited to properties listed by one agent.

SydneySlice will provide you with access to unlisted properties and properties before they are listed.

You only have to deal with one agent rather than dealing with an array of real estate agents who are acting in the best interest of sellers.

SydneySlice will keep your identity confidential

SydneySlice will provide you with a total solution - our service covers every phase of the purchasing process and all related services.