Personalised Property Services

Australian Expats

SydneySlice is the best way to buy Sydney real estate from overseas.

Having personally been through the experience of buying property from overseas, at SydneySlice we understand the complexities and frustrations involved in purchasing from abroad. 

SydneySlice specialises in purchasing property for clients based overseas, including the USA, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Indonesia.   Whether you are returning home, relocating to Sydney or looking for an investment property, SydneySlice can help you at every step of the purchasing process by carrying out the full search, locate, evaluate and negotiation process on your behalf.

With SydneySlice you will feel confident of purchasing the right property at the best price, even when you can't be in Sydney. Instead of limiting yourself to properties handled by one or two real estate agents, SydneySlice provides access to every property listed by every real estate agent in Sydney - and we have access to unlisted properties and properties before they go on the market.

We understand the additional requirements and special challenges of buying property remotely and we tailor our service to overseas buyers to make sure that every detail is taken care of. In addition to providing you with detailed written reports on potential properties we will provide you with digital photos, videos, floor plans and location maps.  We will also arrange all related services, such as building and pest inspections and strata searches, property managers for investment properties, lawyers, mortgage brokers, tax consultants and insurers if required.

We can arrange for inspections by family or associates if required.  If you are personally able to inspect potential properties on a visit to Sydney we will ensure that your inspections are co-ordinated to suit your time frame.  We personally inspect all properties before recommending a property to you to ensure that we do not waste your time.  At SydneySlice, we understand that when you return home for a visit, the last thing you want to do is spend time looking at properties that do not meet your criteria and negotiating on a contract of sale.